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The Dalliance at Rogano on Friday, 18th May 2018 at 07:00pm

It is 1935 and the queen of The Netherlands, Wilhelmina, her husband Hendrik and their only child Juliana have come on holiday to Perthshire. The Queen loves it so here and enjoys doing some painting in the area. In such a peaceful location in the Highlands, what on earth could possibly be wrong? Well, behind the scenes one of them has a terrible secret and alas, a murder will be committed. The police will be requiring your help in determining who killed the victim! So do have your wits about you.


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About Rogano

With its unique 1930's art deco style and ambience, Rogano is the oldest surviving restaurant in Glasgow. For over seventy five years its chefs have dedicated themselves to the delicate art of cooking and serving the finest fish and seafood in the world from Scottish waters.

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