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The Christmas Tree Murder at The Butterfly and The Pig South on Thursday, 5th December 2019 at 07:00pm

Join us in Windsor Castle. The date is 14th December 1861 and the family are having a pre Christmas celebration. Victoria and Albert have asked the press to come and take photographs of the happy family celebration for Christmas... Alas though, all is not well... There will be a Murder! Do join us to find out who killed the victim, why and how?

menu to be confirmed.

To book this event (at price to be confirmed) please contact The Butterfly and The Pig South directly 0141 632 6230

About The Butterfly and The Pig South

The butterfly and the pig arrived in the Southside in January 2015. Located at the iconic Corona Bar, its shabby chic interior and quirky menus are similar to its Bath Street sister venue. It's very family friendly, dog friendly and generally just very friendly.

Book this event directly on line with the venue.

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